WGU Offers New Scholarship for CompTIA Certification Holders, 2/18/14

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News Brief - 2/18/14

New WGU Scholarship Helps CompTIA Certification Holders Further Education with Online IT Degree Programs

Industry certificates plus WGU’s competency-based degrees result in well-qualified IT pros

SALT LAKE CITY — Western Governors University (WGU), www.wgu.edu, and information technology industry association CompTIA have created a new scholarship for IT professionals who want to advance their careers by earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The WGU CompTIA Scholarship, valued at $500 per term up to $2,000, is open to new WGU students enrolling in one of the online university’s nine competency-based IT degree programs who have earned at least one CompTIA certification in the past five years. The eligible bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are:

WGU recognizes industry certifications as an important component in the development of a well-rounded, highly educated IT professional poised to thrive in a competitive job market. As part of their degree programs, students working toward degrees from WGU’s College of Information Technology also earn a number of highly respected industry certifications, at no additional cost, including seven CompTIA certifications. Additionally, incoming students who already hold industry certifications may have some of their course requirements toward a bachelor’s degree waived. The list of transferable certifications includes nine from CompTIA.

All WGU degree programs are competency-based, a learning model that focuses on student learning rather than time spent in class. Designed for busy adults who need a bachelor’s or master’s degree to further their careers, competency-based learning allows students to study independently, with individualized faculty support, and advance through coursework as soon as they are able to prove what they have learned. As a result, students move quickly through material they already know so they can focus on what they still need to learn. This allows many students to accelerate, and with WGU’s flat-rate tuition of about $3,000 per six-month term regardless of how many courses are completed, it can also save money.

WGU will award a number of CompTIA scholarships, but it is a competitive program, and scholarships will be awarded based on a candidate’s academic record, readiness for online study at WGU, current competency, and other considerations. For more information on the WGU CompTIA Scholarship, visit www.wgu.edu/comptia_scholarship.