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The Project Manager is the owner of all course-level and program-level enhancements and development projects for their college. The Project Manager will also oversee maintenance projects through to completion. The Project Manager will work with Development leadership, Product Managers, and additional development stakeholders to develop project plans according to strategic development priorities, as defined by Product Managers. Once a plan is developed, the Project Manager is accountable for ensuring that the appropriate resources, scope, dates, commitments, and project plans are communicated to all stakeholders and updated as necessary. The Project Manager is responsible for deadlines, managing resources to commitments, and utilizing project management tools to ensure launch plans are met, issues are escalated, and process/decisions are documented. The Project Manager will interface with other stakeholders in the university to create and execute launch and evaluation plans for all program development projects and upgrades.


Develop Program Development Project Plans

  • Manage inputs from all development roles for each project to set deliverables and dates.
  • Work with development leaders to finalize development plans and coordinate resources.
  • Utilize project management tools to manage and document decisions, task assignments, and approvals.
  • Facilitate creation of exceptional courses for WGU students.
  • Review, resolve, or redirect information and issues that from the COS feedback system.

Meet project deadlines

  • Assign resources.
  • Ensure accuracy of project management tools (AtTask).
  • Escalate project risks as appropriate.
  • Confirm external contracts for vendors and consultants are executed in a timely manner.

Ensure all departments at WGU affected by development are highly satisfied

  • Communication with stakeholders and quality service to internal stakeholders.
  • Act as a liaison to Course Mentors in courses specific to the college/program.
  • Coordinate launch activities.
  • Conduct post-launch process feedback meetings to continually improve.
  • As new development is initiated, evaluate and update transfer guidelines appropriately.
  • Work with transfer team to provide training on transfer guideline changes.
  • Provide recommendations for 1st and 2nd terms for transfer students (requests from the transfer team).


1. Timely execution of project plans and deliverables.
2. Satisfaction of internal stakeholders with communication and process.
3. Tracking and completion of maintenance requests.


  • Skilled in project and operations management.
  • Background and knowledge in appropriate college/content area.
  • Leadership and ability to work across teams toward a unified goal.
  • Experience with AtTask or other Project Management Software is a plus.


  • In-depth knowledge of program area.
  • Working knowledge of program performance metrics.
  • Understanding of all transfer policies related to the program.
  • Understand and experience using automated scheduling tools.


  • Project management experience.
  • Master’s degree in related program area or MBA.
  • Background knowledge/experience of curriculum.
  • History of successful execution of projects that impact an entire organization.

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WORK FROM HOME, United States

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