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Job Description

The Product Manager establishes a vision of each degree program, designs, develops and maintains its curriculum, and monitors performance to ensure program quality and student success. The Product Manager is responsible for the overall performance and marketability of assigned courses, assessments, and degree programs. The Product Manager relies heavily on student engagement and performance data as well as student and faculty feedback to measure the effectiveness of courses, learning resources, assessments, and degree programs. The Product Manager uses these data to ensure the overall health and quality of program curriculum. He or she determines development and maintenance and new development projects for each program. The Product Manager collaborates with College Councils, National Directors, marketing staff, and other university stakeholders to constantly monitor and react to market demand and workforce needs.


Analyze program data

  • Conduct ongoing data-driven program analysis to determine strategic maintenance and development projects for short- and long-term plans.
  • Monitor course pass and completion rates for areas of concern and report quarterly to leadership via program scorecard and SWOT.
  • Gather recommendations and feedback from Councils and National Directors.
  • Monitor enrollment and graduation rates/trends.

Create high-level development plans for projects

  • Work with Project Manager to develop a schedule and assign resources.
  • Ensure alignment with competencies and program needs, as appropriate.
  • Draft proposed competencies, degree plans, and standard paths.
  • Assemble working group of professionals in the field (SMEs) in collaboration with the National Director, to review and approve new program requirements before initiating development work.
  • Secure necessary approvals to initiate development projects.

Ensure accreditation compliance, review, and reporting needs are met

  • Use program expertise to approve development deliverables.
  • Ensure compliance with accreditation standards for new development.
  • Schedule and manage ongoing program reviews.
  • Work with Accreditation team and National Director to address any compliance updates, needs, or concerns in a timely manner.
  • Collaborate with the Registrar to establish program and transfer guidelines.
  • Some travel may be required.

Lead the way in setting a standard of excellence for WGU courses and degree programs

  • Know each and every course and program, its content, supporting faculty, and learning resources.
  • Seek new ways to improve programs and close learning gaps.
  • Work with WGU’s Learning Resource Specialists to identify and adopt cutting-edge educational technology.


1. Program and course performance.
2. Program and course improvements and measurable effects.
3. Quality and timeliness of development and maintenance recommendations.
4. Responsiveness to internal and external development stakeholders.


  • Understanding of data analysis and application.
  • Background in general education.
  • Knowledge of general education market today and where it’s headed.
  • Ability to utilize multiple feedback inputs to address student and program needs.
  • Creatively approach problems to provide innovative solutions.


  • Data and/or research analysis
  • Program-specific knowledge
  • Excellent communication and organization skills


  • At least 3 years curriculum development experience
  • Master’s or doctorate degree in area of education
  • Background in online learning is a plus

Job Location

Salt Lake City, Utah

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