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Senior Manager of Health Professions College - Mentoring

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Job Description

The WGU Senior Manager for Health Professions College (Senior Manager) reports to the Director of Mentoring and is a member of the university’s academic leadership team.

The Senior Manager is primarily responsible for the implementation and success of the various service, instruction, and support initiatives employed by health professions college faculty. Secondary responsibilities require that the Senior Manager be a student, program, and curriculum expert in order to drive a continuous improvement process using data to inform and participate in the university’s strategic decision-making process. Additionally, the Senior Manager provides leadership and supervision for a team of 7 to 10 program managers.

The Senior Manager is available and accountable to members of his or her team and is responsible for the performance of its members. The Senior Manager demonstrates WGU’s “students-first” culture and leads his or her team by example. The Senior Manager establishes clear performance expectations and delivers results which are consistent with university goals and department responsibilities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understands and is committed to WGU’s mission and strategic vision. Can communicate this commitment effectively and consistently and by example.
  • Leads graduation improvement initiatives within the health professions college teams to support the university’s graduation goals.
  • Provides supervision, direction, and leadership for a team of program managers (direct reports), each of whom is responsible for the performance, training, and development of a team of health professions college course mentors and student mentors.
  • Collaborates with product management, assessment, academic services, enrollment, financial services, information technology, and other WGU department leaders to provide students a personal, flexible, and affordable education experience.
  • Develops a comprehensive understanding of the competitive market environment.
  • Frequently communicates with and understands the motivation, life circumstances, and characteristics of the students who seek to earn WGU degrees.
  • Gathers qualitative and quantitative data regarding student experiences with health professions college courses. Uses that data to implement improvements in mentoring approaches within the health professions college.
  • Gathers and uses student input to inform the WGU decision-making process, particularly with regard to WGU mentoring strategies and services.
  • Based on market and consumer (i.e., student) understanding, develops and implements effective communication strategies to positively impact student progress, retention, satisfaction, and graduation.
  • Collaborates with department leaders to make hiring and promotion decisions.
  • Ensures that strategic plans are executed and results are analyzed for future direction.
  • Provides analytical support to the product management, assessment, and academic services departments.
  • Takes ownerships of assigned initiatives and applies strong leadership skills to build a high-performing, cross-functional team environment.
  • Develops strategic and effective working relationships with key WGU stakeholders.
  • Leads initiatives to improve the completion rates of students enrolled in health professions college assessments.
  • Leads efforts to retain students enrolled in health professions college courses, designing initiatives to improve retention results and measuring the success of those initiatives.

Required Experience

  • Nursing practice: Minimum 5 years’ experience in a leadership and direct supervisory role.
  • Collaboration: Reports to the Director of Mentoring. Works closely with members of various WGU leadership teams.
  • Organization: Leads ongoing team- and discipline-specific training in a distributed (in-office and remote employees) environment.
  • Schedule: Works at least 40 hours per week with a schedule that includes some evening and weekend work.
  • Must be technologically competent: Data entry, Outlook email and calendar, MS Office, database, or equivalent experience is required.
  • Customer service and communication skills: Strong verbal skills, with ability to present information clearly, concisely, and accurately; friendly, persuasive speaking style.
  • Travel/Commute: works primarily from home but is available to travel to, and work from, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Austin, or other cities occasionally.
  • Education: Graduate-level nursing degree: MSN minimum, Doctorate in nursing or related educational degree preferred.


This is an exempt, salaried position offering a full benefit package. Starting salary is commensurate with college experience, work experience, and salary history.

Job Location

Work from home, United States

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