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WGU Coordinators serve a critical advising and support role for student success by providing short term coverage across various disciplines. Coordinators do not teach courses, rather, they are their students' primary source of information about program operation, and about the policies and procedures of the university. Coordinators counsel their assigned students in understanding expectations and overcoming obstacles to ensure success.

Coordinators take a deep personal interest in their students' academic progress and reflect commitment to their students' success in all their daily work. They are experts in their students' academic program details and are able to answer or to obtain answers to all the questions students may have about their programs.

Coordinators advise students on time management and schedule benchmarks for the student to successfully master program concepts, knowledge and skills. They help students identify their learning strengths and weaknesses and connect them with the resources necessary to extend the former and overcome the latter. They are well organized and good communicators, interpersonally, technologically, and in writing. Finally, they are not only capable in these many areas, but also dedicated to performing these functions in full measure.

Coordinators must perform core responsibilities. These include:

  • Providing direct, comprehensive program guidance to assigned students (normally 80-100 students)
  • Managing students' academic progress according to university policies
  • Scheduling students' use of learning resources and degree assessments
  • Maintaining appropriate documentation of all academic transactions
  • Maintaining regular communication with students according to university protocol
  • Being well versed in Microsoft Outlook Suite Products, specifically Outlook Calendar


  • Assists students in their educational planning and progress from initial enrollment to graduation
  • Evaluates student learning styles, skills, deficiencies and goals; assists students in the development of Degree Plans; identifies appropriate learning resources for them to use; and facilitates their use of those resources
  • Monitors student academic progress, communicating with each student at least every two weeks; s/he intervenes as necessary to assist those students having difficulty, and completes required University reports on their academic status
  • Assists students in career planning within the boundaries of his or her expertise, and directs students to planning resources in other areas as appropriate
  • Serves as the student’s advocate in resolving matters of academic difficulty, misunderstanding or confusion
  • Oversees development of the student’s capstone or final project, convenes and chairs where applicable the final project committee, verifies the completion of all academic requirements, and initiates the graduation process

Required Skills

  • Strong customer service orientation and extraordinary communication skills.
  • Technologically competent, specifically with online programs, tracking and communication technology.
  • A remarkable talent for organization is a requirement.
  • Must be able to spend significant time working at a computer.
  • Must be able to spend significant time on the telephone.
  • Must have good Microsoft Office skills and strong Internet capabilities.
  • Must be able to communicate at a high level verbally and in writing.
  • Excellent collaboration skills.
  • Ability to work as a member of a team.
  • Experience with integrated technology systems and tools.
  • Expertise in one or more fields covered by the competencies required in college programs.
  • Position works from home, but must be available for travel in support of college requirements. Ideal candidates will reside in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Required Experience: A minimum of a bachelor’s degree and enrolled in a graduate program with a minimum of 16 credits completed towards their graduate degree; some IT or technical experience highly preferred; three years related professional experience; Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certificate a plus; and higher education teaching and/or curricular experience.

Job Location

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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