Program Manager, Nursing Student Mentor

Program Manager, Nursing Student Mentor

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Job Description

The WGU Program Manager works to ensure both student and employee success. In addition to his or her responsibilities to effectively mentor up to 30 students, the program manager leads and supervises a 15-person team of mentors and is responsible for the professional development and performance of its members.

The program manager works closely with members of the WGU management team to understand and inform university policies and procedures. He or she develops and conducts team- and program-specific mentor training programs, collaborating with others to achieve efficiency while ensuring quality and consistency.

The program manager is available and accountable to members of his or her team and is responsible for the success of its members. The program manger demonstrates WGU’s “students-first” culture and leads his or her team of mentors, by example. He or she establishes clear performance expectations and manages assigned mentor performance consistent with university goals and job requirements. Additionally, the program manager effectively performs the duties of a mentor when serving assigned students.


  • Establishes clear performance expectations for, and with input from, assigned Student Mentors.
  • Manages Student Mentor performance to achieve organizational goals and initiatives.
  • Conducts Student Mentor performance reviews and manages performance improvement plans.
  • Develops and leads team- and program-specific training initiatives.
  • Coaches assigned Student Mentors via call shadowing and other training methods.
  • Monitors team morale. Ensures that Student Mentors are connected and engaged with each other.
  • Leads weekly team meetings. Designs and leads quarterly, in-office training meetings.
  • Effectively serves both assigned students and assigned Student Mentors.
  • Provides direct, comprehensive guidance to assigned students and assigned Student Mentors.
  • Maintains appropriate documentation of all student- and employee-related transactions.
  • Manages students’ academic progress according to university policies.
  • Maintains regular communication with students according to university protocol when needed.
  • Uses the telephone and email extensively throughout the day.
  • Understands WGU degree programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Provides accurate information and high-quality customer service at all times.
  • Is a member of the Student Mentoring Department’s Leadership Team. Participates in department planning, hiring, and training initiatives.
  • Supports university colleagues as necessary.

Required Skills

Strong customer service orientation and extraordinary communication skills.
  • Technologically competent, specifically with online programs, tracking and communication technology.
  • A remarkable talent for organization is a requirement.
  • Must be able to spend significant time working at a computer.
  • Must be able to spend significant time on the telephone.
  • Must have good Microsoft Office skills and strong Internet capabilities.
  • Must be able to communicate at a high level verbally and in writing.
  • Excellent collaboration skills.
  • Ability to work as a member of a team.
  • Experience with integrated technology systems and tools.
  • Expertise in one or more fields covered by the competencies required in college programs.
  • Position works from home, but must be available for travel in support of college requirements.
  • Required Experience

    • A minimum of a master's degree in nursing
    • A current RN is required for this position
    • 3 years related professional experience
    • 3 years teaching experience highly desired
    • Higher education teaching and/or curricular experience
    • Certification in relevant field and/or significant experience in the professional field
    • Demonstrated ability to work with struggling or at-risk employees
    • Demonstrated ability to inspire employees in performance and continuous improvement
    • Demonstrated professionalism that displays effective judgment and professional integrity that represent the educational standards within higher education

    Job Location

    WORK FROM HOME, United States

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