Online Faculty Jobs at WGU

WGU offers multiple options for online teaching jobs or online faculty employment. Student Mentors and Course Mentors play a vital role in student success and in the competency-based learning model at WGU. Because learning at WGU is personalized, we do not use typical online classes that are dependent upon fixed schedules or group pacing. Instead, each student is guided and assisted through a personalized learning experience by faculty and staff serving in different capacities. We call our online teaching faculty Student Mentors and Course Mentors.

Student Mentors — Crucial to Student Success

WGU assigns a Student Mentor to every student. Student Mentors provide motivation, guidance, and support from the moment a student is enrolled to the time he or she graduates. This online teaching job involves regularly scheduled academic progress conversations weekly and active involvement in other aspects of the student’s academic career. While not an expert in all subjects, the Student Mentor guides the student through the overall online degree program and offers coaching, direction, and practical advice.

Course Mentors — Online University Faculty

Online faculty members, Course Mentors support Courses of Study specific to their expertise. Course Mentors provide instructional help and interact with students through email, chat, scheduled conference calls, or phone. They are knowledgeable and can address any issue that might arise related to a course, a learning resource, or an assessment. At WGU, online university teaching is brought to life with the Course Mentor and student relationship.

What Our Faculty Members Say...

“When you work for Western Governors University, you’re part of something that’s never been done before, and that is invigorating. It helps me to motivate the students I mentor, and all of them have exceeded my expectations. They’re really just top-notch, and it isn’t uncommon to read incredible reviews from their host teachers and clinical advisors. They’re really inspiring and so are my colleagues. I truly enjoy working with them, and even though we’re not in an office, we’re close. We work as a team, so I’ll go the extra mile so our team succeeds. WGU creates powerful experiences for me, my colleagues, and our students. I really couldn’t ask for more.”

—Sally Peterson, Student Mentor, Teachers College

“WGU is a progressive and impressive organization. It’s progressive because leaders listen to employees. It doesn’t matter where an idea comes from—if it’s a good idea, the university tries it, tests it, and improves it. It’s impressive because of its support, flexibility, team atmosphere, and collaborative working environment. I may work from home, but I know my co-workers are just a phone call away if I need help taking on a challenge. My managers make themselves accessible any time I need them, and help me uncover solutions. I’ve never worked somewhere that makes it so easy to put students first while keeping employees top of mind.”

—Tanya Vivier, Student Mentor, Business College

“There really isn’t another place like WGU. While I’ve only been here for a few months, I thoroughly enjoy my work with our students. I love figuring out how to help them grow and meet their goals. It means every week is different because you stand behind your students when they face setbacks, and you celebrate with them when they get a promotion, have a baby, or successfully complete a course. You learn to run as fast as they want to go because it’s key to their success and that’s what matters. The partnership I share with my students is unique; it’s an experience you don’t get at other universities, and that’s why I love WGU.”

—James Moore, Student Mentor, Business

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