WGU In the News

9/25/14 Inside Higher Education, “The Blown Opportunity”

September 2014 GI Jobs, ”Tailored To You"

9/23/14 eSchool News, "What’s Behind ‘Bad’ Math Skills?"

9/22/14 U.S. News and World Report, "Op-ed: Change is Critical to the Future of Higher Education"

9/11/14 U.S. News and World Report, "Online MBAs Starting to Offer Customization Options"

9/9/14 The New York Times Schools for Tomorrow, "State of the Online University"

9/4/14 Business News Daily, "What Career Changers Should Know About Going Back to School"

9/2/14 Utah Business, "A Virtual Success"

8/25/14 Deseret News, “Robert Bennett: WGU Helping ‘STEM’ Education Slippage”

8/22/14 World Magazine, “Good Credit”

7/31/14 Forbes, "Move Over MOOCS, It’s Online, Competency Time"

7/25/14 Inside Higher Ed, "Competency vs. Mastery"

7/24/14 eCampusNews, "Obama Administration: These job-training programs are the most effective"

7/19/14 Peoria Journal Star, “Amid Smaller Enrollments, Illinois Universities, Colleges Forced to Adjust to Changing Landscape”

7/13/14 Deseret News, “Undersecretary of Education Tells WGU Grads to ‘Continue Being Pioneers'"

7/13/14 KSTU-FOX Salt Lake City, July 2014 Commencement coverage

7/12/14 KUTV-CBS Salt Lake City, July 2014 Commencement coverage

7/11/14 U.S. News and World Report, "Competency-Based Learning Provides Perks for Online Students"

7/11/14 Associated Press, "US Education Official to Give Graduation Speech"

6/19/14 NPR, "Free College For All: Dream, Promise or Fantasy?”

6/19/14 Bloomberg Businessweek, “A New Teaching Structure Could Make College More Affordable. Why Don’t More Schools Adopt It?”

6/18/14 Vox,"The top-ranked teacher education program doesn't have classes"

6/17/14 U.S. News and World Report, “U.S. News Releases 2014 NCTQ Teacher Prep Rankings”

6/17/14 Money, "Degrees on the Cheap! Some Colleges Now Let You Pass a Test to Earn a BA"

6/17/14 CBS News, “Most Teacher Preparation Programs Failing to Make Grade: Report”

5/24/14 Pittsburg News Tribune, “Experts: Evolution of Higher Education Inevitable”

4/9/14 Fox Business, "Your Guide to Picking an Online College"

3/12/14 Journal of Professional Nursing, "Nursing Education at Western Governors University: A Modern, Disruptive Approach"

1/25/14 Time, "The New College Exam: A Test to Graduate"

1/16/14 MSNBC, Mitch Daniels discusses college tuition and affordability

1/8/14 MSN.com, "4 hidden costs of online degrees"

1/8/14 U.S. News & World Report, "4 Hidden Costs of Online Degrees"

1/7/14 USA Today, "Give competency-based college programs a chance: Column"

12/30/13 The Atlantic, "5 Higher-Education Trends for 2014"

12/18/13 The Huffington Post, "Don't Let Excuses Stop You From Finishing Your Degree in 2014"

12/17/13 Students Give WGU High Marks in National Survey of Student Engagement

11/20/13 Campus Technology, "Technology: Change is How You Use It", Q&A with Sally Johnstone

11/19/13 Inside Higher Ed, "Adding Competency to Community"

11/18/13 Community College Daily, "New courses stress competency to meet workforce needs"

11/7/13 Center for American Progress, "Meeting Students Where They Are: Profiles of Students in Competency-Based Degree Programs" (or, view the report in PDF.)

11/6/13 SmartPlanet, "Will future college degrees be based more on experience than classroom time?"

10/29/13 The New York Times, "Are You Competent? Prove It."

10/29/13 Forbes, "Will Online Education Render Traditional College Obsolete?"

10/27/13 StraighterLine, "Earn a Nursing Degree Faster at Western Governors University"

10/22/13 Fast Company Co.Exist, "An 'All You Can Eat' College Degree Could Be The Future Of Higher Education"

10/20/13 Deseret News, Sunday Edition feature on WGU

9/23/13 Dayton Daily News, "Colleges adapt to adults’ needs by going online"

September 2013 Military Times Edge, "Health + I.T."

9/6/13 Huffington Post Blog, "Making College a Better Bargain"

9/3/13 Al Jazeera America, WGU on "America Tonight"

9/1/13 University Business, "Eight things colleges should be doing for military spouses"

8/29/13 USA Today/Associated Press, "Online School Curbs Cheating"

8/16/13 WKMG - Orlando, "Cameras stop cheating in virtual classrooms"

8/9/13 MSNBC, "An affordable degree? You’re not dreaming"

8/3/13 The Oregonian, "Oregon helps lead the way in online testing"

7/19/13 Refinery29, “College Tuition: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

6/21/13 KUTV2, “Western Governors University Institutes Online Proctoring”

6/19/13 Deseret News, "Report: Teacher training in U.S. — including some programs in Utah — an 'industry of mediocrity'"

6/18/13 The Salt Lake Tribune, "Report says too many teachers, too little quality; Utah educators question study"

5/30/13 KSL TV5, "Life Experience Counts in College"

5/22/13 Huffington Post Blog, "It's Time to Go Beyond the Credit Hour"

5/21/13 Standard-Examiner, "Western Governors University offers online degrees in nursing"

5/3/13 StateImpact (NPR), "'Do I Have The Discipline?' And Other Questions You Should Ask Before Signing Up For An Online Degree"

5/2/13 The Miami Herald, "Looking for college credit? Welcome to the buffet”

5/1/13 Los Angeles Times, "Using technology to fight cheating in online education”

5/1/13 Sky Magazine, "The New Classroom? Will Online Education Make Us Better Students”

5/1/13 Fast Company, Bill Gates on Education: “We Can Make Massive Strides”

4/24/13 KY3.com, "Missouri rolls out new online-degree program"

4/5/13 The Nashville Ledger, "Haslam wants more workers with degrees via on-line university"

3/19/13 StraighterLine, "Go Back to College and Earn a Degree Faster at Western Governors University"

3/18/13 The Atlantic, "Imagine No College Debt (It Isn't Hard to Do)"

3/15/13 National Journal, "The Path to a Debt-Free College Degree?"

3/5/13 Huffington Post Blog, "Ensuring Academic Quality in Higher Ed"

2/28/13 The Daily Beast, "Readers Offer More Overlooked Colleges & Programs"

2/26/13 The Seattle Times, "WGU: Government’s smart innovation of higher ed"

2/24/13 WGU Mentioned in The New York Times

2/15/13 Gov. Nixon introduces accredited, non-profit university in Missouri

2/11/13 Fast Company, "Most Innovative Companies 2013"

2/2/13 Associated Press, "Nonprofit online university expands to Missouri"

1/11/13 Huffington Post Blog, “Looking Beyond Graduation Rates”

1/10/13 The Seattle Times, "Kirkland publisher ranks WGU as top online school"


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