In the News Archive 2011

12/21/11 SuperScholar, "The 25 Best Online Colleges and Universities of 2012"

12/10/11 The Economist, "University Challenge"

12/5/11 The New York Times, "College Leaders Meet with Obama to Discuss Costs and Productivity"

12/5/11 The Washington Post, College Inc., "Obama meets with star presidents to talk reform"

12/2/11, "Why does college cost so much?"

11/29/11 Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Speech to FSA, Conference, "Beyond the Iron Triangle: Containing the Cost of College and Student Debt"

11/29/11 The New York Times, "Duncan Calls for Urgency in Lowering College Costs"

10/13/11 Times-News (SC), "Schofield selected as principal of the year"

10/6/11 Inside Higher Ed, "WGU Inks E-Textbook Deal with Major Publishers"

9/26/11 CNBC Blog, "Mendenhall: Despite High Costs, A College Education is Still Worth the Price"

8/29/11, "Don’t Call it a Comeback"

8/29/11 Washington Monthly, "The College For-profits Should Fear"

8/30/11 CBS, "Want a High-Paying Job? Here's a Gem of a University that can Help"

8/25/11 The New York Times,"Online Enterprises Gain Foothold as Path to a College Degree"
"Weekly Prompts From a Mentor"

8/10/11 NBC 12 Phoenix, "Phoenix mother overcomes odds, receives degree"

8/7/11 The Chronicle of Higher Education, "Professors Cede Grading Power to Outsiders—Even Computers"

8/1/11 Boston Globe (, "Course Changer”

7/22/11 KSL Studio 5, “Back to School: Western Governors University”

7/21/11 KUTV 2 Fresh Living, “Think A Degree Is Too Much Time And Money?”

7/13/11 Huffington Post, “How Will Colleges Innovate As The Market is Disrupted?”

7/3/11 Deseret News, “BYU schools, Dixie, Western Governors, LDS Business cost less, says new"

6/29/11 Center for American Progress, "Guiding Innovation in Higher Education"

6/23/11 Deseret News, “Utah’s top entrepreneurs honored”

6/21/11 KUOW-Seattle (94.9 FM), “Online Universities”

6/19/11 Deseret News, "Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist: Robert Mendenhall, WGU"

6/14/11 Utah Public Radio (KCPW), "Utah Cares - Western Governors University"

6/9/11, "A year later, state branch of online university is thriving"

6/6/11 The Capital - Hometown Annapolis, "Cape St. Claire woman earns college degree — at 70"

6/6/11 Washington Post, "From ‘gainful employment’ to lower college costs"

6/1/11 The Seattle Times, "Thinking beyond ‘college for all’"

5/13/11 USA Today, "Apps make college easier to access"

5/9/11 Inside Higher Ed, "Model of the Moment"

May 2011 State Legislatures, "Online-U"

4/1/11 Bloomberg, "Clinton Tackles College Affordability"

4/1/11 The Seattle Times, "Washington state’s partnership with online universities offers quality option"

3/21/11, "Online Education, with a Low-Cost Twist"

3/19/11 The Seattle Times, “Bill Would Partner State with Online University”

3/13/11 The Chronicle of Higher Education, "Online Public University Plans to Turn Indiana Dropouts Into Graduates"

1/14/11 The Seattle Times, “Nonprofit online university could ease space crunch”

1/13/11 Read about WGU on
    “Accredited Online Degrees at Western Governors University”
    “Online Teaching Degree at WGU Prepares Education Majors”
    "Online Degree Completion at WGU - Student Profile: Jennifer Shaft”