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News Brief - 4/4/07

Kennecott Land Funds Scholarships at Western Governors University for Teachers in South Jordan Schools

SALT LAKE CITY -- Kennecott Land's commitment to the education of students on Salt Lake Valley's West Bench is being extended to the teachers who teach those students. As part of the commitment to sustainable communities, Kennecott Land has created five Jordan School District teacher scholarships, valued at $25,000 total. These scholarships will be awarded to teachers who are pursuing a master's degree at Western Governors University in five specific areas.

Jordan School District teachers who currently teach kindergarten through grade 12 within South Jordan City limits are eligible to apply for the five scholarships. In addition, each applicant for the Kennecott Land Sustainable Community Scholarship must meet all Western Governors University (WGU) eligibility requirements and finalists will submit an essay titled, "What a Sustainable Community Means to Me." The teachers can earn these degrees in: M.A. in Mathematics Education (K-6, 5-9, 5-12), M.A. in Science Education (5-9, 5-12), M.A. in English Language Learning, M.Ed. in Learning and Technology, and M.Ed. in Measurement and Evaluation.

Each of the Kennecott Land Sustainable Community Scholarships is valued at $5,000, distributed as tuition credit of $1,000 per six-month term, renewable up to five terms. Applicants must meet special eligibility requirements, including currently teaching at any of these nine South Jordan Schools: Daybreak Elementary, Elk Meadows Elementary, Jordan Ridge Elementary, Monte Vista Elementary, South Jordan Elementary, Welby Elementary, Elk Ridge Middle School, South Jordan Middle School and Bingham High School. Teachers who are awarded the scholarships must continue teaching at these qualified schools for the duration of their coursework at WGU. Successful applicants must also meet WGU general eligibility requirements. Deadline for applications is May 7th, 2007. These are competitive scholarships and interested teachers should apply as soon as possible.

With the national high-need for qualified teachers in math and science, WGU is doing its part in filling that need. Federal mandates are requiring teachers to meet higher instructional standards and the Kennecott Land Company scholarships make the professional development possible in South Jordan-accessible through WGU, which allows teachers to study at a time and place convenient to them.

About Kennecott Land

Kennecott Land was established by parent company Rio Tinto in April 2001 to protect and develop Kennecott Utah Copper's non-mining land. The company's mission is to build enduring communities on Salt Lake Valley's West Bench. Daybreak is the first testament to that vision. Daybreak is situated on 4,126 acres in South Jordan City where 14,000 homes are planned. At Kennecott Land, sustainable development is at the heart of every business decision by balancing the complex interaction of environmental, economic and social factors. Kennecott Land does this in a way that protects and strengthens what matters most to our community: strong and safe neighborhoods, quality education, a healthy and renewable environment, and a vibrant local economy. For more information: and

About Jordan School District

Jordan School District is the largest of Utah's 40 school districts serving nearly 80,000 grade K-12 students in 89 schools. The district's boundaries encompass 10 municipalities and unincorporated areas of southern Salt Lake County. Its commitment to providing a quality education is reflected in student test scores that are consistently above state and national averages and high school graduation rates that are among the highest in the country. For more information: