Health Professions/Nursing Subject Matter Experts

Western Governors University Seeks Subject Matter Experts to Support the Development of: Master’s Degree in Integrated Healthcare Management

What is a Subject Matter Expert?

WGU is committed to its personalized, competency-based approach that places the greatest emphasis on student learning. Contrary to the typical college model of professor faculty and fixed schedules, WGU students are guided through a personalized learning experience by staff serving in roles such as course and student mentors, and evaluators. WGU does not offer adjunct faculty positions. Rather, WGU seeks professionals to work as contract Subject Matter Experts throughout course development projects.

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) is an authority in their field, with substantial (5+ years), specialized experience working and/or teaching in their area of expertise. SMEs help ensure WGU programs are of the highest-quality by providing the most relevant, current knowledge in their industry today. SMEs actively collaborate with WGU staff and stakeholders in development projects including identifying the best learning resources, designing course competencies and objectives, creating student activities and assessment materials, and evaluating and validating course content.

SMEs are contracted with WGU on a per-project basis. Project type, tasks, duration, time commitments, and participation type (virtual or in-person) vary. Once contracted, SMEs are retained in our system for future development project consideration. Pay is competitive and commensurate with experience. The university offers reimbursement for all necessary travel expenses.

Western Governors University (WGU) seeks highly qualified professionals to support the development of the Master’s Degree in Integrated Healthcare Management program as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Specifically, the university seeks to engage with 8 to 10 SMEs for each of the following subject areas:

  • The Healthcare Industry
  • Healthcare Policy
  • Healthcare Finance and Economics
  • Healthcare Leadership and Management
  • Health Information and Technology
  • Population Management & Care Coordination Methods
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Improvement in Healthcare
  • Innovation & Change Management
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare
  • Public Health
  • Healthcare Systems

Interested, qualified SME candidates should express their interest by sending a cover letter describing experience and knowledge in the subject area(s) and current resume to Megan Dibb at