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News Brief - 7/31/08

The Online Student Survival Guide: A New Resource for Online Students

SALT LAKE CITY -- You're home from work tired. But you need to study. Dinner needs cooking. But you need to study. The kids need help with homework. But you need to study. Because you are an online student.

You chose an online college because you wanted flexibility, but you didn't realize how hard it would be to juggle work, family and school.

You need The Online Student Survival Guide. Sponsored by Western Governors University (WGU), this new resource addresses many of the questions and daily concerns online students from any online college or university face.

The regular bloggers you'll get to know here are smart, sensitive, experienced, and determined to help online students everywhere. While their postings will be based upon their personal experience and knowledge of challenges related to online learning, the broad range of topics and ideas will be something you'll readily relate to.

Blogger Jim Meeker shares the fear he had of going back to school at 53 years old, having attempted to complete his master's degree once before. And as the father of four girls, he has some good time management tips.

Blogger Lauren Cohen offers some insight on what to expect with online learning and the benefits online education offers. Having been blessed with talent in the kitchen, Lauren also offers some quick meal solutions that anyone can make.

The Online Student Survival Guide gives you a place to add your comments, ideas, and also to get helpful tips from other online students. Go to and make the guide a regular part of your commitment to finish your education online!