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Featured Coverage

Featured Coverage

, Free College For All: Dream, Promise Or Fantasy?

“The unique thing about education, and what makes it so hard to control the price, is that it's not just a service or a good. It's a process, and the learner takes an active role in creating its value. A college education may never be free, but for many people it will remain priceless.”

, A New Teaching Structure Could Make College More Affordable. Why Don't More Schools Adopt It?

“We know we have a lot of different kinds of learners, and we think (competency-based education) will be a way for some of those learners to be successful more efficiently than the traditional way.”

, The top-ranked teacher education program doesn't have classes

“The best preparation program in the country for future high school teachers, according to new US News and World Report rankings, happens at an online university you probably haven't heard of where students don't take any classes.”

, U.S. News Releases 2014 NCTQ Teacher Prep Rankings

“Teachers need to be at their best so they can bring the best out in their students. But most teacher preparation programs don’t equip new educators with the tools they need to make that happen.”

, Degrees on the Cheap! Some Colleges Now Let You Pass a Test to Earn a B.A.

“Competency-based programs are perfect for older students who are daunted by the prospect of attending college for four or more years.”

, Most teacher preparation programs failing to make grade: report

"With only 1 in 15 programs providing first-year teachers with solid preparation, it is clear we, as a nation have a long way to go if we are going to do right by teachers as well as their students.”

, Your Guide to Picking an Online College

“Students need to ask a lot of questions of someone in the school’s admissions. Don’t assume high price equals high quality.”

, An Affordable Degree? You’re Not Dreaming

Forget the four years of semester-long classes and 120 credit hours. Students and administrators at online universities are arguing that the courses allow students to advance at their own pace by successfully completing assessments that measure competencies.

, Most Innovative Companies 2013

“For showing public schools another way to do business. The low-cost, self-paced WGU focuses on skills that lead to better jobs in teaching, health care, IT, and business.”

, Can an Online Degree Really Help You Get a Job?

Online degree programs' reputations have taken a beating, thanks to unscrupulous diploma mills and a lack of respect from HR pros. That perception may finally be changing, but it still pays to be careful.

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