News Release: WGU Called "Military Friendly," 1/12/10

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News Brief - 1/12/10

Western Governors University Named One of Top Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities by Military Advanced Education Magazine

Online university included in MAE’s guide for third consecutive year

Western Governors University, a private, non-profit university offering online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, has been selected by Military Advanced Education magazine as a top military-friendly university. MAE has published its guide to military friendly colleges and universities annually for the past three years, and WGU has been included each year.

MAE’s objective in publishing the guide is to provide uniform, pertinent information to help prospective students make informed decisions regarding furthering their education. Schools are chosen for the guide based on a variety of factors, including accessibility, affordability, support, and degree programs.

“On behalf of everyone at Military Advanced Education and KMI Media Group, let me congratulate Western Governors University for the inspired effort your institution puts into making it easier for our men and women in uniform to advance their careers by enhancing their educations,” said MAE Associate Publisher Glenn Berlin.

“WGU commends MAE for compiling this important information for our servicemen and women,” said WGU’s Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment Patrick Partridge. “College represents a significant investment in time and money, so it’s extremely important for anyone who is considering going back to school to learn all he or she can before enrolling. Busy adults, both those in uniform as well as civilians, need to be sure they find programs that meet their needs as well as fit their learning and lifestyles.”

WGU has published some tips and guidelines to help prospective students determine whether going to college online is right for them and to help them find the right school. These articles can be found at and For more information about Western Governors University and special programs for military personnel and their families, go to, or call toll-free 1-866-225-5948.