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Connecting you to other WGU students

Interact with Students and Mentors

As a WGU student, you will have access to two kinds of online student communities: learning communities and program communities. Each of these communities provides you with a different level of support and gives you the opportunity to interact with mentors and other students.

Program Communities

Program communities are focused on building relationships between students and mentors. You can connect with fellow students and mentors on all things about your degree program. Primarily, program communities focus on:

  • Expanding your knowledge in your overall field of study
  • Industry research and current events
  • Networking between students and mentors

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Learning Communities

You will be assigned and automatically enrolled into learning communities that correspond with the assessments for your term. These communities provide a virtual space in which subject-specific information can be obtained to develop competency. The learning communities focus on:

  • Development of competence
  • Small group learning sessions that support cooperative learning
  • Academic help

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You will also have access to social networking through WGU’s Inigral Facebook application. With a simple request to join the community, you can interact with a Facebook group of students enrolled in the same course and degree program as you.

Note: Learning communities are not designed to be used for obtaining answers for specific questions on objective assessments or performance tasks.

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