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April 2014 Posts

4/23/2014 10:58 am

We are excited to announce that Affordable Online Colleges has ranked WGU #1 in the Nation for affordability. Read more about WGU’s success.

The Night Owl Blog
4/22/2014 9:14 am

If you’re a student at WGU, you obviously made that decision carefully. You did your homework and decided that WGU was the best online university choice for you. We hope you still feel that way—and we hope you’ll tell us why.

The Night Owl Blog
4/21/2014 2:45 pm

What will you do to celebrate the planet this Earth Day? Tuesday, April 22, is the 45th annual Earth Day, and we have some ideas for how you can get involved, ranging from educational to just-plain-fun.

The Night Owl Blog
4/17/2014 1:36 pm

What’s that? You DON’T love math? Come on, it’s not like getting a tooth pulled. THAT can hurt. Math is challenging, you say? I’ll give you that. But I think everyone can meet the challenge and learn the math they need to learn to pass their courses.

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