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3/5/2015 1:28 pm

This past month, 24 graduates were chosen for their outstanding capstone project work during the second half of 2014. The projects selected during this seventh round of the Capstone Excellence Recognition Awards were nominated by capstone evaluators and course mentors, and then selected by the capstone supervisor in their college.

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3/2/2015 9:54 am

Each month, approximately 65,000 performance assessment responses are submitted to Taskstream by WGU students and given scores and evaluative feedback.

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3/1/2015 11:39 am

This time of year can be tough for a student—especially a busy, working student who spends so much of the day cooped up at work and just wants to get outside and play. So when the work day ends, how do you fight the urge to skip the schoolwork? Here are six tips that might help. Let us know in the comments if you have other ideas.

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2/24/2015 12:50 pm

After several attempts at a college degree, Salt Lake City resident Zachary Cummings discovered that brick-and-mortar schools did not fit his learning style.

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