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11/12/2010 10:58 am

Ever wonder where WGU students are located? Where they are graduating from? WGU has students in all 50 states and serves active-duty military personnel and their spouses at overseas military installations. The average age of the WGU student is about 36 with an age range from the 20s to the 60s. WGU students come from urban, suburban, and rural areas. Most are working full-time or part-time jobs while they earn their. Most students who are pursuing an online bachelor’s degree already have some college experience.

WGU News
11/8/2010 10:23 am

This interview features Natalie Mulcock, a mentor in WGU's College of Business. In this interview, we’ll find out her favorite thing about being a mentor and about how her dad inspires her on a daily basis. 

Staff Spotlight
11/5/2010 1:02 pm

This interview features Michael Molinos, a mentor in the College of Business. We’ll learn how a quote has changed the way he thinks about success and how mentoring at WGU has affected his life. 

Staff Spotlight
11/3/2010 10:24 am

Earning an online degree takes self-discipline and determination. For those balancing work, family and school, making the most of your study time makes all the difference. Study smart, not hard. Use the time you have to effectively and efficiently work toward your online degree

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