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10/28/2010 12:15 pm

What role does a WGU mentor do at our online university? WGU Mentors serve a critical advising and support role for their assigned students’ success. Mentors are not teachers and do not teach any part of the courses. They are the students’ primary source of information on their program and the policies and procedures of the online university. Mentors counsel students in understanding expectations and overcoming obstacles to ensure success.

Staff Spotlight
10/26/2010 11:08 am

As an online university student, ensuring your understanding of information outside a classroom environment is critical to your success. Just as there are no two people alike, the same is true for students and their methods of learning. While a concept may come easily to one, it may prove difficult for another. Luckily, studies have shown that there are generally three types of learners: manual, audial and visual.

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