Social Science Week is an annual effort by WGU's General Education Social Science Course Mentors to spotlight the important contributions that a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach can bring to our shared understanding of the major political, economic, and social issues of our times. The combined contributions of historians, geographers, political scientists,

By Nick Rothacher Scholarship Program Manager You don't have to sit in a classroom next to 18- to 22-year-olds. Why should you sit through Sales 101 when you've been training sales teams for 20 years? Or relearn how to calculate drug dosages when you've been a nurse for five years?

A career in teaching will certainly provide numerous opportunities to inspire and visually stimulate students. For some, a classroom might bring up distant memories of the cacophonous sounds of a screechy chalkboard or droning projector, but many modern classrooms have access to a plethora of technology from tablets to smart

A generation ago, teachers delivered lectures at the front of the class and developed rigid lesson plans designed to cover what they considered to be important. Today, U.S. governors and education experts are holding teachers and children to a higher standard. Students' attention spans have been whittled down to almost

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