Submitted by: Maryann Melcher ( Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8) ) I used a photo from my vacation to Hawaii. The idea hit me when I thought about the fact that my classroom truly is anywhere that I have my laptop and a WIFI connection, therefore my classroom could

Submitted by: Majenica Moles ( Bachelor of Arts Special Education (K-12) ) I chose this particular picture because it is of my two boys. WGU allows me the privilege of being able to stay at home with them while getting a quality education. This is very rewarding!! Thank you, WGU,

Submitted by: Sami Falah ( Bachelor of Science Information Technology ) In truth, a lot of my costs are covered by grants, but being able to dictate which course I'd like to work on at the time and place of my choosing is the main reason I love WGU. What

Submitted by: Laura M. Blair ( Master of Business Administration ) After viewing some of the samples, I had the idea to use a recent picture of my grandson. I created the attached visual on a PowerPoint slide and simply listed my experience when considering WGU, while using a little

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