Another commencement, another record smashed. The 24th commencement ceremony at WGU—coming up this week, February 9, in Atlanta—celebrates, once again, the biggest class in our history: 4,134 graduates from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and overseas military personnel! That’s right—this graduating class is more than 4,000-strong, far surpassing

By Jennie Aguirre WGU Mentor, Business College At WGU, each student is assigned a personal faculty member to work with them as a mentor throughout their time at WGU. Additionally, each course has its own course mentors, subject-matter experts who are available to help students get through course material. Advice

The governors of two states—Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee (right) and Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri (left)—both announced in their 2013 state-of-the-state addresses yesterday evening that they intend to create partnerships with WGU and establish WGU Missouri and WGU Tennessee . In Tennessee, Governor Haslam will present his plans for

As you know, WGU’s faculty—its student mentors and course mentors especially—are one of the major things that make earning your WGU degree online such a rewarding, personalized experience. January is National Mentoring Month, and we’ve been taking the opportunity to dive into what makes a mentor such a valuable part

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