WGU: Member of CyberWatch to Support IT Degree Students

Students earning an online IT degree from WGU are now hooked into a national network of information assurance (IA) organizations and resources as the online university has become a member of CyberWatch. This membership will provide resources to empower WGU IT students with the necessary skills required by the IA industry.

online university, wgu mascotCyberWatch, funded by the National Science Foundation, is an association of higher education institutions, businesses, and government agencies whose mission is to improve the quantity and quality of the IA workforce. Consortium members collaborate to share best practices, methodologies, curricula, course modules and materials, and provide faculty training and support to schools who want to develop an IA curriculum.

The benefits to WGU’s IT students are many, including:

    • Access to internships, mentoring, and job placements.
    • Student development through the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC), the Digital Forensics Challenge, and the Security Awareness Contest.
    • Student discounts on CompTIA certification exams, exam prep courses, and course materials.

Read more about the benefits of WGU’s CyberWatch membership. IT students, we want to hear from you. What does WGU’s CyberWatch membership mean to you?

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