Which Nurse Are You?

WGU’s Cutting-Edge MSN Degrees Prepare Graduates for Leadership & Education Positions

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 “The WGU Nursing program has an innovative competency-focused education that prepares nurse leaders to utilize their knowledge, technical skills, and individual attributes to support and promote physical, mental, environmental, and spiritual well-being.” – Dr. Linda MacIntyre, Chief Nurse, The American Red Cross.

What Cycling Taught a Nursing Grad about Pursuing a Degree

Thom Hazel Course Mentor

The long hours you’re putting in to finish your degree will pay off, but it’s hard to remember that when you wake up early, stay up late, and work through the night to get things done.

Nurses With Bachelor's Degrees Encouraged by Growing Job Prospects

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People who are interested in pursuing a career in nursing are on the right track. A recent survey showed that students who have completed their bachelor's degree in nursing have a greater chance of receiving job offers after after they finish school than graduates from other fields.

How a WGU Grad's Coursework Led to Community Dialog on Suicide Prevention

Paul Tutokey BS, Nursing

As a psychiatric nurse for nearly 15 years, Paul Tutokey has always worked to make a difference for his patients and his community.

Benefits of Earning a Master's Degree in Nursing


After spending years in nursing school, you may wonder why you would ever bother going back to school to earn your master's degree - after all, didn't you spend all those hours studying so you would never have to do it again?

How to Find a Better Nursing Job

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After becoming a nurse and working for a few years, there comes a time when you may be ready to consider a new position within the field. Looking for a job mid-career requires a bit of a different approach than it did when you were fresh out of nursing school, but with the right tips it's possible to move on to a new position - maybe even your dream job!

How to Go Back to School While Working as a Nurse

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After several years with a successful career in nursing, you may be contemplating the pros and cons of going back to school. Earning a master's degree is an excellent way to further your career: It can boost your salary, make you more employable or allow you to take your career in a new direction, such as becoming a teacher.