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External Scholarship Opportunities

Yes, most scholarships are competitive and you may think you won’t win one. Don’t be discouraged. Someone has to win, so why shouldn’t it be you? There are ways to improve your chances, especially if the scholarship eligibility requirements fit your background and personal situation.

WGU now offers a scholarship search tool to help you identify some of the scholarships offered by other organizations for which you may qualify. The Select External Scholarships section at the bottom of this page highlights just a few of the hundreds of external scholarships that WGU students may be eligible for. You should also complete a student profile through the search tool to identify even more potential scholarship programs. It’s available at no cost or obligation.

WGU External Scholarship Search Tool

Using the WGU External Scholarship Search Tool, you will be able to explore a database of hundreds of scholarships offered by institutions and organizations independent of WGU. The search tool will ask you several questions to help identify precisely those scholarships for which you may be eligible. You then decide if you want to apply for each scholarship that’s found.

There is no guarantee you will be eligible for or awarded a scholarship identified using this tool. The scholarships are open to individuals around the U.S. and are thus very competitive.

Note: Your answers to the questions are used only to help match you with potential scholarships and are completely confidential. No personal information is gathered. Your answers on this search tool are not used if you apply for a WGU-sponsored and controlled scholarship. (See WGU Scholarships.)

The WGU Scholarship Search Tool is provided solely for the convenience of WGU students. The database of scholarships and eligibility requirements are compiled and updated continually by an independent company. WGU does not review or warrant the accuracy of scholarship information found in the database.

Individuals using this search tool should exercise caution and due diligence when assessing the appropriateness of scholarships identified. In general, individuals should not pay a fee to apply for a scholarship, and should review the sponsoring organization’s privacy policy before supplying personal information. If you have any reason to suspect or worry that a particular scholarship is being misrepresented or is fraudulent, do not apply. You can also let us know of any concerns by sending an email to Scholarships@wgu.edu.

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