Consistent with California Board of Nursing guidelines, eligible California students may be able to complete program prerequisites at WGU.

LVN Advanced Placement and 30-Unit Option for California Students

Licensed vocational nurses are eligible to participate in the 30-Unit Option Track, and persons who desire to pursue this track must complete a total of 30 competency units in Science and Nursing courses. As stated in the BRN regulation under 1429(a), vocational nurses seeking RN licensure must additionally provide to the Board evidence of courses in Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology comparable to such courses required for licensure as a registered nurse.

Students expressing interest in the 30-unit option are required to meet with WGU’s California Director of Nursing. The California Director, as a minimum, will objectively discuss the requirements for licensure, analyze previous courses that students have completed, and counsel the students on their options for meeting eligibility requirements for becoming a registered nurse. The 30-unit option is published online in the Student handbook

The second advanced placement option allows LVNs to use challenge examinations. The challenge exams provide applicants with credit for previous education and the opportunity to obtain credit for other acquired knowledge. Student applicants must submit all transcripts to WGU Records ( The student Records office evaluates the prospective student transcripts as soon as all official records from the issuing organization are received. Courses accepted by transfer must be college level from an accredited institution; must have been awarded a grade of C or better; may not be used to fulfill more than one course of study; must meet the competency unit and content equivalency; and may not be used to fill upper division requirements, except by approval of the Chief Nursing Officer. Once the LVN applicant’s transcripts are evaluated the student is eligible to apply to the prelicensure program and if accepted into a cohort in the pre nursing term the student can request this option. All courses may be challenged.