BS Business HR Management Courses

WGU offers degrees, not classes. As a competency-based online university, progress through your degree program is determined by demonstrating your competence through carefully designed assessments and completion of a professional portfolio, capstone, or both. As a student in this program, you will complete the courses listed below in order to graduate. These courses are required, though you may be able to clear some of these requirements through a course-by-course transcript analysis. (Learn more about transferring credits.) Each course contains a study guide and recommended learning resources for you to use. Your assigned mentor will help guide you through the process.

For ease of understanding, WGU has assigned competency units to each of its courses as indicated below. A competency unit is equivalent to a semester credit hour of learning. WGU terms are six months in length. During a typical term, students will be expected to complete at least 12 to 13 competency units. Grades are assigned on a Pass/Not Pass basis; a “Pass” at WGU is equivalent to a letter grade of “B" or better.

Speak to an Enrollment Counselor for more information about these courses.

CourseCompetency Units
Introduction to Business3
English Composition I3
Introduction to Geography3
Principles of Management4
English Composition II3
Elements of Effective Communication3
Introduction to Human Resource Management3
Intermediate Algebra3
College Algebra4
Organizational Behavior3
Business Law3
Integrated Natural Science4
Integrated Natural Science Applications4
Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
Principles of Accounting4
Business Ethics3
Introduction to Psychology3
Critical Thinking and Logic3
Information Systems Management3
Introduction to Humanities3
Quantitative Analysis For Business3
Global Business3
Managerial Accounting3
Change Management3
Project Management3
Principles of Finance3
Employment Law3
Marketing Fundamentals3
Business Communication3
Workforce Planning: Recruitment and Selection3
Training and Development3
Compensation and Benefits3
Cases in Advanced Human Resource Management3
Business - HR Management Capstone Project4
Business - HR Management Portfolio Requirement3

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