WGU’s B.S. Business—Human Resource Management degree is designed to offer a respected HR industry exam that best matches a student’s professional HR work experience. For students who possess sufficient HR work experience, WGU offers the Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) certification exam that is administered by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

Currently, the eligibility requirements to sit for and ultimately earn the PHR certification as part of your degree program at WGU are as follows:

Note: The exempt-level experience requirement can be met as you progress through your WGU degree program, provided you already have two or more years of applicable experience.

If you do not meet these guidelines for PHR exam eligibility, you will be required to take the Assurance of Learning Exam, administered by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), as part of your HR degree program. To be eligible for the SHRM Assurance of Learning Exam, you may:

You cannot take the Assurance of Learning Exam if you are eligible for the PHR exam. If you meet the qualifications for the PHR exam by the time you would be registering for the HR exam, you will take the PHR exam.

Talk to your Enrollment Counselor to discuss your HR exam options.