Teacher Licensure State Requirements - Oklahoma

Become a Teacher in Oklahoma

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Before becoming a licensed teacher in Oklahoma, you must meet all of Oklahoma's teacher certification requirements (for those who have attended out-of-state teacher preparation programs), including:

  • Graduation from a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Completion of a teacher education program that is approved to lead to teacher certification in the home state of the program.
  • Passing scores on the Oklahoma General Education Test (basic skills), as well as the content knowledge and pedagogy Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators (CEOE).
  • All teacher candidates without teaching experience will receive a one-year license and will be required to complete a Resident Teacher Program during their first year of teaching.

Note: Listed requirements are current and are subject to change at any time, even during enrollment.

For the most current information about becoming a teacher in the state of Oklahoma, please check the Oklahoma State Department of Education website:
Oklahoma State Department of Education Web site
(405) 521-3301

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