In This Economy, Earning a Degree Makes Sense

During these uncertain economic times, you may think that it doesn’t make sense to earn a college degree. True, the unemployment numbers are high, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t career opportunities out there. Now is the time to take control of your future. You can do that by earning a degree.

Here are some reasons to earn your degree in this tough economy:

Make yourself invaluable.
By improving your skills and broadening your experience, you could become more of an asset to your company. Don’t have time to attend classes at a traditional college? Online universities make it possible for you to earn certifications or degrees without giving up your life. These programs also give you an opportunity to improve your work skills at an accelerated pace.

Take your career in a whole new direction.
If you’re currently unemployment or have few job prospects in your field, now may be a good time to consider a different field. Fields like healthcare, education, and law enforcement are not recession proof, but they may be a little more stable than your current field.

You can learn around your obligations.
Some employers are not willing to adjust your work schedule to accommodate your school schedule. Others may be more understanding. Instead of shifting things around, why not consider an online degree program? Online degree programs are often formatted to meet the needs of working professionals. They allow you to study when it’s convenient for you.

At Western Governors University, you control your education. But control doesn’t mean easy. Earning your degree will be challenging and you will need to be a strong independent learner to succeed. Learn more about our online degrees and programs today!

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