In the News Archive 2009

11/28/09 NBC Denver, "Online school measures competency, not time”. WGU President Bob Mendenhall discusses how WGU uses competencies rather than credit hours to award degrees. Also featured was a WGU graduate who shares how WGU’s flexible approach helped him earn his teaching degree.

10/23/09 Diverse Issues in Higher Education, “Study Investigates If Online Education Is Key to Helping More Low-Income Students Obtain Degrees”.

9/1/09, "How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education". WGU President Bob Mendenhall talks about WGU's innovative approach to education. (PDF)

8/12/09 City Weekly, Salt Lake City, Utah - “Click or Brick? Online course offerings are transforming campus life”. WGU was featured as being a provider for online teaching degrees. (PDF)

8/4/09 New Website Offers Transparency to Adult Learners Returning to College

7/17/09 NBC Nightly News, New York, NY – “Downloading a College Degree”. WGU is featured on national NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams as a flexible, cost-effective, accredited university for working adults.

April 2009 Latino Perspectives Magazine features WGU in “No Degree of Difficulty: Higher Road to Higher Education Taking Less Time, Less Money”. WGU was featured as a sensible solution for earning an affordable and less time consuming degree.

4/6/09 California Nursing Board Approves Pilot Program for New B.S. In Nursing

March 2009 Military Advanced Education Magazine features WGU in “The Future of Distance Learning in Practice”. WGU was used as an example of an organization that proves distance education is the “future of education”. (PDF)

3/8/09 CBS 4 Denver News Features WGU in “Beat The Recession By Taking Classes Online”. Reporter Molly Hughes reports how WGU can help busy professionals further their education in this tough job market.

3/6/09 Greene County Dailies, Fairborn, Ohio — WGU Information Technology Graduate named as “Outstanding Graduate of 2009” by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

3/4/09 Daily Light, Waxahachie, Texas, Western Governors University held a summit for Texas teachers at Global High School in Waxahachie with about 40 online students from across the state in attendance. (PDF)

2/18/09 ABC 6 Philadelphia News Features WGU in “Save Money with Online Universities.” Reporter Amy Buckman interviews a WGU student and mentor for this feature that highlights WGU’s value and relevance in today’s economy.

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