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Press Release: WGU Named "Military Friendly"

SALT LAKE CITY -- Western Governors University ( ) has been selected as one of the Top 20 Military Friendly Colleges and Universities for 2008 by Military Advanced Education Magazine. This honor recognizes WGU's commitment to access and diversity of educational opportunities for both service members and their families.

Many active-duty military and spouses find WGU's flexible degree programs a perfect fit with their sometimes tumultuous lives. With WGU's programs, spouses don't need to delay earning their degrees because of the extra family responsibilities they take on when a spouse is deployed, and, because there isn't a residency requirement, they can complete their degrees from remote locations.

Many spouses have an interest in the WGU Teachers College, and during the past year, WGU has awarded 103 Spouses to Teachers Supplemental Scholarships worth $1,500 each. WGU also created a broader WGU Spouses to Graduates Scholarship worth $1,500 that can be used for all the other non-teaching degrees. WGU continues its scholarships for spouses even though the Department of Defense has suspended its own Spouses to Teachers program.

WGU is among the most active schools participating in the Troops to Teachers program offering a WGU Troops to Teachers supplemental scholarship valued up to $1,500. WGU has awarded this scholarship to 51 new students.

WGU's online degree programs focus on the needs of adult learners by providing flexible, technology-based instruction. WGU's competency-based education approach makes it possible for students to complete the requirements for their degrees at a quicker pace and accelerate their programs based on their prior experience, academic background, and time commitment to study. WGU was also named as one of the Top 30 Military Friendly Schools by Military Advanced Education Magazine in 2007.

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