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Press Release: Scholarships for Air War College Grads

SALT LAKE CITY -- Western Governors University, in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force Air War College (AWC) announced that it will award up to 30 scholarships of $ 2,500 ($1,250 per term for up to two terms) to graduates of the AWC Nonresident Studies Program (NRP) to earn a Master's in Business Administration in Strategic Leadership.

As the AWC-NRP graduates retire from active duty and transition to civilian life, they seek ways to leverage their skills and training from the AWC into a successful career. WGU's online MBA program offers these senior-level military leaders a convenient way to embrace their professional expertise and civilian options.

The Air War College NRP graduate will automatically receive graduate-level academic recognition for the AWC training in doctrine and leadership, international security studies, and warfighting. This leadership training, combined with the WGU MBA business core, will prepare Air Force officers for mid-to-upper level management positions in business, industry and non-profit organizations.

"The MBA in Strategic Leadership recognizes the excellent leadership training that Air War College graduates already possess, and it effectively prepares them for the civilian workplace with the essential business management knowledge and skills they will need," said WGU President Robert Mendenhall.

The Air War College is a division of Air University. The MBA program for Air War College graduates is part of an ongoing partnership between the military and WGU, which has contracted with the U.S. Department of Defense to develop degree programs and outreach efforts that leverage the education already provided to service members by the Air University.

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