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Press Release: More Economic Turnaround Scholarships, 10/2/09

Re-launch of Economic Turnaround Scholarship Program will add to the more than $351,000 awarded to unemployed workers to date

Salt Lake City, Utah — Western Governors University has announced that the non-profit, online university has re-opened its Economic Turnaround Scholarship Program. The scholarship offers up to $1,250 per six-month term for up to four terms, up to a total of $5,000, and can be used toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree from any of WGU’s four colleges: Business, Teachers College, Information Technology, or Health Professions.

This marks the second time that WGU has added to the original scholarship program. In July the number of available scholarships was increased from 100 to 150. That increase was in response to the large number of applications received since the program’s launch in May. In August the program was put on hold due to the large volume of applications.

Economic Turnaround Scholarships are open to new WGU students who have become unemployed in the past 12 months, are able to complete a degree program in two years or less, and currently have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The program is competitive, and scholarships are being awarded based on the candidate’s academic record, financial need, current competency, and readiness for online study at WGU. Because of high demand for the scholarship, interested prospective students should apply before the November 30, 2009 deadline. For more details regarding program, call 1-866-225-5948 (866-CALL-WGU).

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