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Press Release: New CTO

SALT LAKE CITY -- Western Governors University ( has named Dave Wilson as its new Chief Technology Officer, according to WGU President Dr. Robert Mendenhall. Wilson joins the university following a long and varied career path.

A technology visionary who leverages entrepreneurial enthusiasm and a diverse skill set, Dave Wilson is a veteran project manager and team builder, with broad hands-on abilities and current technical skills. He brings with him more than two decades of experience with application design, software engineering and information technology across a wide range of industries and technological disciplines, as well as strong problem-solving, leadership, planning and management skills.

At Genova Diagnostics, Wilson led the creation of new information systems which radically improved business intelligence, the customer experience, and staff communications while reducing overall costs. At, he built and led the top-tier multidisciplinary engineering team that created the award-winning KOZ Community Publishing System, which was then leveraged to create some of the first commercial online offerings for K-12 and university education. At Link Flight Simulation, Wilson was a key contributor to several highly immersive learning environments created for pilot training. He holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from Clarkson University.

"I am incredibly excited about joining Western Governors University, as I think WGU's approach represents the future of adult education," says Wilson. "The information age brought with it both the need for society to embrace learning as a life-long endeavor and incredible new potential to let each of us learn at our own pace, where we are, and when we can. WGU has shown visionary leadership in the realization of that potential. Together we can, and will, accelerate the pace at which the latest technological innovations are harnessed to serve the interests of online learners everywhere."

Dr. Mendenhall is extremely pleased that Dave Wilson is joining the university's top management staff. "The Chief Technology Officer's position is critical to moving forward technically as WGU experiences a continuing period of high growth. Dave's ability to be innovative and lead detailed technical projects is key to further streamlining WGU's online access and delivery system for students and staff, "says Mendenhall. "Dave Wilson's work will ensure that we continue to develop, implement, and maintain the most efficient systems and best practices in technology for our online university."

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