Online University Learning Myths

During the 2006-2007school year, there were approximately 11,200 college-level programs that were designed to be completed totally through distance education. One of the reasons why many students turned to these online education programs was because they met their demands for flexible schedules*.

Would you like to earn a college degree but are afraid to do so online? Have you heard so many things about an online degree program that you’re not quite sure what to believe? Don’t let other people’s negativity stop you from reaching your educational goals. Do some research of your own and then make your decision.

Here are common myths about online education that you’ve probably heard before:

Online degree programs are of low quality - Shopping for an online degree program is like shopping for a car or any big ticket item. You’ll find that the quality and selection of program offerings can vary from school to school. Don’t let the school’s name alone influence your decision. Make sure that you try to find an online university that meets your needs.

You won’t have anyone to help you - Today’s virtual campuses offer a great deal of academic and technical support. Many degree programs offer learning resources like mentoring or web-based tutorials. You will also have the opportunity to interact with other students. If you experience any difficulty accessing your course materials, many online schools offer 24/7 technical support.

Learning online will be a breeze - True, you don’t have to attend classes on campus but that doesn’t mean that your online degree program will be a breeze. Online degree programs can be just as intense as the ones offered at a traditional college. In order to successfully complete your online degree program, you’ll need to stay focused and committed.

At reputable online universities such as Western Governors University, you’ll get the support that you need every step of the way. WGU’s online degree programs are ideal for strong independent learners. Request more information about Western Governors University today!

* Distance Education at Degree-Granting Postsecondary Institutions: 2006–07 (PDF)

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