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WGU Texas Joins in Regional Education Effort, 3/30/12

AUSTIN - WGU Texas has been invited to join the prestigious Education Equals Economics (E3) Alliance, a Texas-based strategic collaborative dedicated to better aligning regional education systems to fuel the economy. Founded in 2006, E3 Alliance uses objective Pre-K through college and career data to drive education change.

WGU Texas was established as a state institution of Western Governors University in the fall of 2011 with the mission to increase access to quality higher education for adults in Texas. WGU Texas is the State’s only online competency-based university.

"E3 Alliance is a regional collaborative of business, education, and community leaders working together using objective data to change education systems," said Susan Dawson, President & Executive Director, E3 Alliance. “Our college presidents and leaders from across the region meet together regularly to strategize regional solutions to college access, persistence and success, and how different parts of the education system can better align with one another."

"We are excited to have WGU Texas as part of that conversation because they bring new, innovative models to the table in helping more Central Texas students succeed in post-secondary education,” said Dawson.

WGU Texas Chancellor Mark David Milliron welcomed the invitation to collaborate. "WGU Texas is honored to join the Alliance, and especially pleased that some partners we are already working with: the capital’s community college district, Austin Community College, and the state’s largest R1 institution, the University of Texas at Austin, are already part of the Alliance,” Milliron said. “The goals of the Alliance to strengthen economic vitality in Central Texas by increasing educational outcomes mirror our own goals to use data to improve student access and success. We look forward to working together to help Texans reap the benefits of the regional strategic plan - The Blueprint for Educational Change.”

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