Pros and Cons of Earning a Degree Online

The following short article is written to provide general advice about online education and degrees, not just information specific to WGU. If you have specific questions about WGU, feel free to inquire online or speak with an enrollment counselor (1-866-225-5948).

Pros and Cons of Earning a Degree Online

Earning your degree online does not mean an easy ride. In many ways, it’s more challenging to earn your degree at an online university than to attend a traditional college. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of earning an online degree.


  • More flexibility to complete your studies and assessments at your own pace.
  • No limit to the number of credits you can take each semester.
  • A wide variety of degree programs available.
  • Most employers now recognize quality online degree programs.
  • No commuting or relocating costs—you can learn anywhere!


  • Individuals who lack self-discipline may find it challenging to complete assignments and stay on track in an online degree program.
  • It can be harder to make a personal connection with your professors.
  • It may take more legwork to uncover networking opportunities through an online degree program.

However, if you know your way around the Web, you can take advantage of forums, chat rooms, instant messenger programs, email and more to forge connections with students and your instructors. Building a network of personal connections can keep you motivated as you face the challenges of earning your degree online.

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