Finding the Right Type of Accreditation for Your Education

The following short article is written to provide general advice about online education and degrees, not just information specific to WGU. If you have specific questions about WGU, feel free to inquire online or speak with an enrollment counselor (1-866-225-5948).

Finding the Right Type of Accreditation

A variety of accreditation organizations exist, but not all accreditations are created equal. Start your search for online accredited degrees—whether you need a bachelor degree, master degree or a specialized degree like a business degree—by finding an accredited online university.

Make sure the university’s accreditation is recognized by an organization which has been evaluated and approved by either the U.S. Department of Education.

Accreditation comes in many different forms:

  • National Accreditation: Schools anywhere in the U.S. can apply for national accreditation through a number of accreditation boards. Most nationally-accredited degree programs, including online degree programs, tend to focus on career-specific learning, with a hands-on approach and an emphasis on outcomes assessment data to gauge the quality of education. Some regionally accredited colleges won’t accept transfer credits from a nationally accredited school.
  • Regional Accreditation: Regional accreditation, generally the preference of conventional schools and universities, emphasizes traditional academics as opposed to career preparation.
  • Specialized Accreditation: If you plan to obtain an online degree in a specialized field, such as law, healthcare or education, make sure your school offers degrees accredited by professional organizations. This means your degree meets industry standards in your field.

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