Steer Clear of Non-Accredited Schools

The following short article is written to provide general advice about online education and degrees, not just information specific to WGU. If you have specific questions about WGU, feel free to inquire online or speak with an enrollment counselor (1-866-225-5948).

Would you like to obtain your degree at an online university? Have you noticed that some choices are much, much cheaper than others? Be careful. Non-accredited schools may cost less in the short-term, but after you’ve wasted four years (or more) and hundreds of dollars (or more), you’ll learn you didn’t get a bargain.

Watch Out for Degree Mills

Some — but not all — non-accredited schools simply churn out degrees with no standards for educational quality. These degree mills will take your money and fail to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to advance in your career. Even worse, listing an online university degree from a low-cost degree mill on your resume can actually earn you a felony charge.

Why Isn’t a School Accredited?

Maybe a specific online degree program isn’t a scam; maybe the university just hasn’t received accreditation yet. Why take a chance? Without accreditation from a reputable, regionally or nationally recognized accreditation board, you have no way of knowing what quality of education you'll receive.

Stick with Accredited Schools

If you graduate with a non-accredited online university degree, you’ll miss out on the opportunity for financial aid, the ability to transfer credits to accredited university degree programs, and may even miss out on job or promotion opportunities if your employer refuses to recognize your degree.

Take your online education seriously. Get your degree from an accredited online university.

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