The 411 on Online Master’s Degrees

The following short article is written to provide general advice about online education and degrees, not just information specific to WGU. If you have specific questions about WGU, feel free to inquire online or speak with an enrollment counselor (1-866-225-5948).

Many options exist today for you to earn an accredited master’s degree online. Follow these steps to enroll in the master’s degree program that fits your lifestyle and career goals best.

  1. Research the Programs: Find out if the online university under consideration offers the specific degree program you want. Read as much as you can about the program. Talk to graduates and faculty advisors to decide if the school will help you meet your goals.
  2. Check for Accreditation: Be wary of non-accredited universities or, worse, online universities that establish an accrediting agency, accredit their own school, and call themselves “accredited.” provides a list of accredited schools as well as legitimate accrediting agencies.
  3. Assess Your Technical Specs: Will your computer and Internet connection handle the demands of the streaming video and chat rooms that figure prominently in your online education? Most schools list minimum system requirements for enrollment. Will you need to purchase any special software?
  4. Compare Costs: Remember to factor in textbooks, eBooks, special fees and any other costs, including computer system upgrades if necessary.
  5. Apply to the Accredited Online Master’s Degree Program of Your Choice: Check that you meet all the admissions requirements. Make sure you include all necessary attachments in your online application.

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