The Importance of IT Certification in a Tough Economy

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In today’s economy, a career in the field of information technology may provide protection against job loss and pay cuts — but only for individuals with important certifications.

Obtaining industry-recognized certifications shows you’ve worked hard to ensure your IT knowledge is up to date. In today’s economy, earning an online IT degree that included certification is an affordable way to become a valued IT professional. Some businesses refuse to hire IT professionals without the recommended certifications. To these companies, having certified professionals in charge means:

  • Less downtime for important systems and networks
  • Enhanced network security, controlled by the best people in their field
  • More confident—and competent—employees

The evidence points toward organizations making a smart hiring move when they seek certified professionals. Studies show that organizations that require certifications:

  • Experience less turnover
  • Often have reduced expenses
  • Are more easily able to fill knowledge gaps within the organization
  • Experience enhanced productivity
  • Receive a greater return-on-investment with certified employees

With today’s technology evolving so rapidly, individuals may wonder if certifications can really help them stay up to speed with technology in the workplace. As organizations like Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco revamp and redesign certification exams to meet changing standards, certified online IT degree graduates enter the work force more prepared than ever before.

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