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If you’re an RN looking to take the next step in your nursing career, going from an RN to BSN degree may be the answer. You can save time and money by going online for your RN to BSN degree.

Online universities like Western Governors University (WGU) offer flexible, affordable, competency-based RN to BSN degree programs. Because the BSN is a non-clinical study program, you can earn your degree while continuing to work as an RN. Online RN to BSN degree programs permit you to work at your own pace, putting in about 20 hours per week.

Benefits of an RN to BSN Degree

A BSN offers:

  • Added job security
  • Increased salary
  • Greater prestige and personal status

Additionally, having more BSNs on staff helps a hospital achieve "magnet status." Your employers will appreciate your efforts and it will show!

Enhanced Nursing Skills

Your BSN in nursing will also enhance your nursing skills, giving you expertise in the areas of:

  • patient education
  • health promotion
  • technology integration
  • healthcare systems and policies

Why not advance your education in this highly sought-after field?

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