Become a Nurse Educator

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Do you enjoy working as an RN but want to make a real difference in the future of the nursing profession? If you have a passion for nursing and want to share that passion with others, you can get your nursing master's degree online and become a nurse educator.

Do you:

  • Enjoy sharing your love of nursing with others?
  • Love seeing the look of enlightenment on someone’s face when they learn something new?
  • Like working with technology?

Online Nursing Master’s Degrees

An online degree program offers flexibility, convenience and a lower cost than conventional university programs. RNs have two options when it comes to earning their online nursing master’s degrees.

MSN Education

RNs with their BSN can earn their MSN in Education in about three years or less. An online master’s degree in nursing opens a world of opportunities for graduates to teach at top nursing schools and groom future generations of nurses.

RN to MSN Program

RNs with a two-year degree or nursing diploma have the unique option of completing their bachelor’s degree coursework and simultaneously earning an MSN in Education. An RN to MSN degree program takes more time, but students attending an online university can work at their own pace and continue on to a rewarding career as a nurse educator.

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