Further Your Teaching Career by Earning a Master’s Degree

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Teaching is a highly competitive field with thousands of teachers seeking highly-coveted positions in top school districts. Is it time to stand out in your field by earning your master’s degree online?

Benefits of a Master’s Degree

You can further your teaching career, command a higher salary (up to $10K more, on average), receive better retirement benefits and achieve more job security by earning your master’s degree in teaching online.

In addition, with your teaching master’s degree you’ll become a curricular leader in your school, earn professional prestige, and have specialized knowledge to improve your teaching skills.

Interested in Administration?

A master’s degree in Education Leadership can prepare you for an administrative role in your school; do you picture yourself as a principal? Whatever focus you choose — whether you want to stay in the classroom or step up to an administrative position — your online master’s degree will benefit your career, the school district where you teach, and, most importantly, your students.

Fit Learning into Your Lifestyle

As a certified teacher with papers to grade, lesson plans to write, and students to teach, you’re busy. By going online to earn your master’s degree in teaching, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of a distance learning program, where you can pace yourself and take the time you need to earn your master's degree online.

Online Teaching Master’s Degree Programs

The best online universities allow you to choose from a variety of specialized programs, including:

  • Education Leadership
  • Special Education
  • English Language Learning
  • Science Education
  • Instructional Design
  • Learning and Technology

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