Student and Graduate Profiles

Meet Our Students and Graduates

WGU’s student body may be diverse, but all of our students lead busy lives and share many of the same challenges to earn their degrees. Most of our students work full-time while working on their degrees and balancing families and other life responsibilities. All of our students and graduates have a “story”, so take some time to get to know some of them by clicking on the profiles below.

Student Profiles

Nikki Skinner, M.A. Science Education Student
Jennifer West, M.S. Special Education Student
Gregory Rondot, B.S. Information Technology Student
Roger Jerman, M.A. in Teaching Science Student
Sharing her WGU Experience: Tessa Ashworth, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies Student and Spouses to Teacher Scholarship recipient
A True WGU Family Affair: Charice Black, MED Learning and Technology; Dale Nelson, M.A. in Teaching Science; Dottie Brereton, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Dean Brereton, M.S. in Nursing Education
Michael Perry, B.S. Information Technology Graduate and MBA Student

Graduate Profiles

Maria Vega, B.A. Science (5 - 9)
Judy McCowin, M.S. Educational Leadership
Keith Plant, B.S. Nursing
Vicki Dippner-Robertson, M.S. Nursing—Education
Jill Howard, MBA Healthcare Management
Mitzi Adams, M.A. Math Education
Tammy Hosang, B.S. Nursing
Jozelda Porter, M.S. Educational Leadership
Justin Osmond, M.B.A.
Dallan Jones, B.S. Information Technology
Larry Manch, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8)
Dolores Northrup, B.S. Nursing Graduate
Philip Breiding, B.A Science and M.A. Science Education Graduate
Jose Gracia Medrano, B.S Accounting Graduate
Tammy Ramsey, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate
Joanna Goslin, B.S. Business in Human Resource Management Graduate
Leila Crouse, M.S. in Health Education Graduate
Shari Davis, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate
Scott Saunders, B.S. Information Technology Graduate
Father of Seven and VP of a Business Finds Time to Earn MBA
A Mother Studies on the Sidelines In Hopes of Becoming a Teacher
Roger Osborne Defeated His Personal Goliath to Earn His Degree from WGU
Kimberly Lillywhite Finally Reached Her Lifelong Goal…Just 18 Years Later
WGU Helps a Deaf Student Achieve Her Dream of Becoming a Teacher
A Seriously Ill Teenage Daughter Became her Mother's Inspiration to Finish her MBA
Trudy Sutherland, B.A. Social Science Graduate
Jennifer Tenney, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate
Michael Friesen, MBA Graduate
David Dart, B.S. IT Management Graduate
A Student's Story: Dorothy Etheridge, B.S. Business Management Graduate
Laura Barber, M.A. in Teaching Science Graduate
Wilfrid Ky, B.S. Information Technology Graduate
William Sparkman, B.A. Mathematics Graduate
Elizabeth Hayes, M.A. in English Language Learning Graduate
Michael Alvarez, MBA in Healthcare Management Graduate
Elizabeth Carroll, M.A. Learning and Technology Graduate
Tara McDougall, B.S. Business Management Graduate
Bill Luton, B.S. Business Management and MBA Graduate
Stefanie Kelly, B.S. Marketing Management Graduate
Gary Carmichael, M.A. Learning and Technology Graduate
Bill Parisen, B.S. in Business and MBA Graduate

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