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International Distance Learning Association Recognizes WGU for Excellence in Delivering 21st Century Distance Education

News Brief - 5/3/17

United States Distance Learning Association honors nonprofit, competency-based university for raising the bar in distance learning

USDLA SALT LAKE CITY — For the seventh time, the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) has honored Western Governors University (WGU) with a 21st Century Distance Learning Award for its leadership in distance education at its 2017 Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

"As a premier organization for the entire distance learning profession, we are honoring WGU as a leader in the industry," said Dr. John G. Flores, Executive Director of USDLA."WGU has raised the bar of excellence and we are truly honored by WGU’s contributions within all distance learning constituencies.”

The USDLA Awards were created to acknowledge major accomplishments in distance learning and to highlight those distance learning instructors, programs, and professionals who have achieved and demonstrated extraordinary results through the use of online, videoconferencing, satellite, and blended learning delivery technologies. As the nation’s leading distance learning organization, the USDLA presents its International Awards annually to organizations and individuals engaged in the development and delivery of distance learning programs.

WGU was recognized for being a leader in online education by creating programs that are innovative, comprehensive, and effective. As the leader and pioneer of competency-based education—an innovative learning model that allows students to learn at their own pace and advance as soon as they demonstrate mastery of subject matter—WGU offers affordable, online degree programs designed to meet the needs of busy, working adults. Students have 24/7 access to online learning resources and receive dedicated one-on-one faculty support, providing a more personalized and engaging learning experience.

“WGU represents the finest example of online courses, best practices, and leadership in our field. We are so very proud and excited to be able to recognize this level of excellence," said Mr. Ken Conn, President of USDLA.


The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit association formed in 1987 and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The association reaches 20,000 people globally with sponsors and members operating in and influencing 46% of the $913 billion dollar U.S. education and training market. USDLA promotes the development and application of distance learning for education and training and serves the needs of the distance learning community by providing advocacy, information, networking and opportunity. Distance learning and training constituencies served include pre-k-12 education, higher and continuing education, home schooling as well as business, corporate, military, government and telehealth markets. The USDLA trademarked logo is the recognized worldwide symbol of dedicated professionals committed to the distance learning industry. Learn more at

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