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Video Contest, 6/12/08

SALT LAKE CITY -- Western Governors University ( continues to offer opportunities for adult learners to have access to quality, affordable education, as the only accredited, online university that is competency-based. As part of that effort, WGU is hosting a unique video contest with a valuable scholarship as its prize. Contestants are asked to submit a video explaining why they deserve to earn a scholarship and how earning a degree from WGU will change their life or the life of someone they know.

The window for video submissions is open from June 11, 2008 to August 11, 2008. All genres of videos—including humor and drama—are encouraged. A WGU panel will review all of the video submissions after the August 11, 2008, deadline and select five finalists based on the following criteria: quality of video (45 percent), amount of votes (40 percent) and the amount of views the video received (15 percent). Those five videos will be posted on the contest site on August 25, 2008, for the public to vote on the most deserving video for the top prize. The winner will be announced on September 3, 2008. Public voting will take place during the contest period and the voting period so entrants are encouraged to share their video with family and friends.

The winning video contestant will receive a $7,500 scholarship and a $500 cash reward, paying $1,500 per six-month term for up to five terms. The scholarship can be used for students pursuing a degree in any discipline offered by WGU in its Colleges of Business, Education, Information Technology and Health Professions. Other prizes include scholarships valued up to $3,000 and $100 gift certificates. ( is not a sponsor of this contest.)

This video contest is open to the public. The scholarships are not transferable to other universities, but may be transferrable to incoming WGU students. Current WGU students and alumni who are considering a return to WGU for their master's degree are eligible to participate. The contest is subject to posted rules. For more information about submissions or to vote, please visit

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