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Your degree program at WGU is comprised of a number of Courses of Study (COS). Each Course of Study contains all of the necessary components for competency development in each subject area, including: learning resources, course mentoring, community support, and a plan of study to help you establish a manageable pace for your learning as you prepare for the final assessment.

Sample WGU Courses of Study

Here's your chance to explore the WGU learning experience in advance. Below, we will walk you through a sample Course of Study. The Course of Study user interface was recently enhanced with input from both students and mentors and refined with the help of student focus groups.

Below you will find the main Course of Study page. Take a look around and then we’ll go into each part with more detail.

Main Course of Study Page

Main Course of Study Page

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Components of Courses of Study

Course Dropdown
At the top of the main page, you can switch among all your Courses of Study for assessments in your current term with a quick dropdown list.

Beside the Course Dropdown is the search feature. You can search for keywords, titles, topics, or just about anything else you want to find.

COS Search

Assessment Preparation

At the top of the left column is the Assessment Preparation box. Directly from your Course of Study, you can take a preassessment, view coaching reports, and schedule your objective assessments. You will also see information in this box about your Start and End Dates for the assessment within the term.

COS Assessment

Course Menu

Also in the left column, you will find a Course Menu box. Your progress will be displayed in this box so you can measure your progress at a glance.

Course Menu

Notes Tab

Click on the Notes tab to see all of your notes for the Course of Study you are viewing. You can view the notes by date modified or entered and print all of your notes for the course to review offline.

Notes Tab

Mentor Information

In the right sidebar, you see the Contact Your Course Mentors button. Click this button to chat live with a Course Mentor or to see a full display of other contact information (phone, email, and office hours) for the mentor or mentors attached to this course.

Mentor Info

Learning Resource Tab

Within the Learning Resource tab you can view, enroll in, or access Learning Resources and Learning Communities that support your preparation for an assessment.

Learning Resource Tab

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Any Questions?

Your Enrollment Counselor is more than happy to answer any questions you might have concerning Courses of Study. Give them a call today!

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