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WGU STUDENT SUCCESS! A lifelong goal finally attained, and the pride is immeasurable.

Dwight's story.

dwight wgu success student

“I’ve learned that if you take your goals one day, one class, one test at a time, you can achieve your lifelong dreams.”

Dwight’s path to a college degree has been full of starts and stops. He quit high school, but got his GED on his own. He served in the Air Force, but never got the chance to apply the credits to a degree and ended up homeless and in the throes of addiction. He started in recovery and attended community college, but withdrew before finishing.

Finally, Dwight dedicated all of his energy to breaking the cycle. How? One day at a time. With the help of financial support and pivotal mentors, Dwight completed his bachelor’s degree in less than three years. 

Now, when life throws him obstacles, he has the solid foundation of his commitment to his education, his recovery, and his future to depend on. And he’s earned the right to be proud. “None of this journey has been easy, and no luck was involved,” he said during his WGU Commencement speech. “It required effort, talent, skill and acumen at every turn.”

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