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WGU Alumni Advisory Board Leadership opportunities.

WGU Alumni Advisory Board.

At WGU, we help our students achieve their dreams for a degree and career success by providing a personal, flexible, and affordable education based on real-world competencies. And, our personal investment in each of our students’ success does not come to an end at graduation. Rather, the university is constantly seeking ways to provide its more than 180,000 graduates with the tools they need to succeed in the next phase of their lives.

Basic function.

WGU Alumni Advisory Board members are instrumental resources and consultants for WGU Alumni Engagement’s ability to provide regionally relevant and effective programs. Advisory board members voluntarily serve for a term of one year, with the possibility of subsequent years at the discretion of the Alumni Engagement team (based on meaningful participation), and are expected to understand, support, and fulfill the responsibilities set forth below:

Primary responsibilities.

  • Actively participate in regularly scheduled board meetings. Read materials distributed prior to the meetings and share experience and expertise during board discussions. Support decisions that are arrived at by the board. Ensure that confidential information shared at the meetings is held in confidence. 
  • Listen to graduates of WGU and provide candid and constructive feedback, advice, and comments on the services and products to WGU’s Alumni Engagement team and university leadership.  
  • Volunteer at WGU events, such as Commencement Weekend, and other local events.

WGU Alumni Engagement relies on its advisory board members to be its most active and vocal supporters, telling the WGU story in their communities and organizations. This role of support and advocacy is distinct from that of traditional university leadership as WGU’s official spokesperson. No advisory board member shall speak officially on behalf of WGU, unless he/she is so authorized by the Alumni Engagement or WGU Communications team. 


  • Must be a graduate of WGU in good standing.
  • If not a WGU Alumni Ambassador prior to application to the board, all advisory board members are expected to become ambassadors upon joining the board. 
  • Have an active interest in WGU’s mission, a willingness to assist in setting and achieving the organization's goals, and the ability to devote the time necessary to attend and participate in board and ambassador meetings.
  • Have a history of professional achievement and success within an organization or while a student at WGU, which would enable the board member to provide context and perspective to the board.
  • Be willing to apply one's experience to the board's decision-making process.
  • Have a professional reputation that enhances WGU's reputation and strengthens the role of the board in supporting the mission, purpose, and principles of WGU.
WGU Alumni Ambassadors

Meet the board

Learn more about the WGU alumni advisory board members.

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  • Potential opportunity to travel to WGU events, such as a Commencement Weekend, and enjoy an annual working retreat at WGU headquarters in Salt Lake City. Please note this may change as a result of COVID 19 restrictions or other related circumstances.
  • Access to WGU’s latest swag and the inside scoop on innovative and exciting projects and initiatives.
  • Interact and network with WGU leadership. 
  • Give back to the institution that has meant so much to you and tens of thousands of other graduates across the country.

Thank you for your interest in the WGU Alumni Ambassadors Advisory Board. We are not accepting new applications at this time. The current board members will end their term in Winter 2021. Please check back then for new opportunities.